Pneumatic Staple Guns

Staple guns - Light, medium, and heavy duty pneumatic staplers for corrugated-to-wood, wood-to-wood applications, case goods, furniture and upholstery, construction, cabinetry, and miscellaneous industrial use.


  • Light Duty Staple Guns 20-23 Ga

    Comfortable, light weight and maneuverable, these tools are smallest staple guns with long lasting components
  • Medium Duty Staple Guns 18-19 Ga

    18-19 Ga Air Staple Guns for Felt insulation, Doors and windows, Light packaging, Profiled boards, Trim and molding, Light framing, Cabinetry
  • Heavy Duty Staple Guns 15-16 Ga

    Powerful staple guns for Plywood sheathing, Decking materials, Furniture frames, Sub-flooring, Window and door units, etc.
  • Wide Crown Staple Guns

    15/16" - 1" Crown Staple Guns for packaging, roofing, crating, insulation, corrugated to wood, and radiant floor applications.