Stitching Wire | Bookbinding & Box Stitching Wire for Sale


Stitching Wire

Absolutely will not crack, chip, or flake.

The highest quality stitching wire for bookbinding available. SALCO stitching wire
is unbeatable. There is no other wire that can equal its trouble-free performance
and features:

  • Not brittle: our stitching wire will not crack at shoulder of formed staples.
  • Will not chip or flake: Key wire stitcher parts will last longer.
  • Clean wire - never cross-wound: Eliminates costly downtime.
  • Supplied: On sturdy, plastic spools.
  • Wire dimensions: this stitching wire always precise. All popular sizes of wire for sale.

ALL PRICES per lb. NET weight. FOB East Syracuse, NY.

Call or e-mail to place your order and get shipping information. You can place the order online.
Wire is sold in multiples of 50 lbs only, 50 lbs min order.
To buy 2,000 pounds or more of stitching wire, inquire about our special prices. All SALCO stitching wire is billed according to NET WEIGHT only. Net weight does NOT include spools or packaging. Total packaging weights approximately 75 lbs. per 2,000 lbs. of net weight.