Upholstery Hog Ring Tools


Check out our high-quality selection of upholstery hog ring tools for your every need. Our product line includes hog nose pliers, pneumatic hog ring guns, water bag sealers, and more. Our durable tools are designed for various applications, including arts and crafts, upholstery, landscaping projects, bag sealing, attaching fence wires, and much more. Our high-performing hog ring guns are the ultimate time-saving tools that will get any job done. Created for easy operation and made from top-quality materials, our hog ring tools are ideal for any professional out there.

We design our Hog Ring tools to work with specific “C” shaped fasteners called “Hog Rings,” hence the name. These tools are ideal for various industrial applications. This includes manual and pneumatic hog ring guns and sealers for:

  • poly and cloth bag sealing
  • sausage-making
  • food packaging
  • live fish packaging
  • fencing
  • car seat upholstery
  • miscellaneous industrial use

Our selection of hog ring tools includes models from some of the best brands in the industry, such as Bostitch, Max, and of course, Salco.

Free UPS Ground for all Pneumatic Hog Ring Tools.

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