Medium-Duty Pneumatic Staple Guns


Fasco & Spotnails Medium Duty Pneumatic Staple Guns 18 - 19 Gauge

New lightweight and compact tools for fine and medium wire staples. The latest fastening technology is now in your hands.
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Felt insulation, Drawer guides, Doors and windows, Light packaging, Profiled boards, Trim and molding, Light framing, Cabinetry

Medium-duty pneumatic staple guns are just what you need for a variety of construction and household projects. With their moderate power, these flexible air stapler guns perform light construction and repairs around the home or shop with ease. Our selection of 18-gauge staple guns as well as brad nailers and 3/4-inch crown staple guns work great for flooring, furniture, trim, and molding. Use a 3/4-inch crown staple gun for any general wood-to-wood fastening. Find the right tools here for light framing, windows, cabinets, bedding, and more.

Make no mistake: medium-duty pneumatic staple guns from Staple Headquarters are quality tools and fasteners from known brands that prioritize durability and effectiveness—all at reasonable prices that fit your budget. Shop Staple Headquarters online for all your staple and nail gun needs.