Light-Duty Pneumatic Staple Guns (20-23 ga)

Comfortable, light weight and maneuverable, these tools are smallest staple guns with long lasting components. These are for fasteners with leg lengths from 1/4" to 1" (4 to 25 mm). 20 - 23 GA.
These light-duty pneumatic staple guns, especially the long nose versions, can work in tighter spaces. We stock wide crown staple guns as well as narrow crown staplers that can perform a variety of tasks, including upholstery, roofing felt, picture frames, bedding, house wrap, paneling, and even shoemaking!

You want a compact light-duty pneumatic staple gun in your tool collection to handle those light repairs and craft projects to keep your home looking sleek. Staple Headquarters supplies both the tool and the staples you need to get the job done with precision. Browse our collection to find the pneumatic, electric, or manual tools you need to complete your array of essential household tools.
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