Heavy-Duty Hole Punchers | Bulk Paper Hole Punch Tools


Heavy-Duty Hole Punchers | 2- & 3-Hole Punchers

No matter the type of paper hole punch tool you want, Staple Headquarters has an excellent selection of heavy-duty hole punchers, staple removers, adjustable paper punches, and more. Easy to use and built to last, these hole punchers and related paper handling tools and supplies are ideal for any office space or DIY task. From improving your office’s organization to simply making your workflow more efficient, you can use our home and office hole punchers anywhere they’re needed. Whether you’re looking for a single hole puncher or want to buy in bulk or wholesale quantities so that you have enough tools for your whole organization, we can help. Staple Headquarters is happy to provide you with the necessary equipment at the best prices possible.

  • Bostitch 2- or 3-hole punch for heavy duty applications. Punches up to 130 sheets.
    $135.00 EA
  • Professional Staple Remover for removing fine wire staples from any upholstered item or stapled paper materials.
    $9.50 EA
  • Bostitch light duty paper punch adjustable to punch 2, 3 and 7 hole applications.
    $29.00 EA
  • Professional plastic wire coil binding kit at an extremely economical price.
    $99.00 EA