Heavy-Duty Staple Guns from Staple Headquarters


Powerful, heavy-duty Fasco and Spotnails industrial staple guns combine speed and high durability in every type of climate. The 25 mm long nose on certain models proves to be an indispensable feature when you must use staples in difficult-to-reach places. When you need a strong staple gun to get the job done, you’ll find it here at Staple Headquarters.

These heavy-duty staple guns drive the widest range of fasteners into hard wood with consistent performance. These are the only 15-gauge staple guns and 16-gauge staplers with staple leg lengths up to 2" (55 mm) available in the market. Great versatility.
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Find your industrial stapler gun for plywood sheathing, decking materials, furniture frames, sub-flooring, window and door units and home interiors (tub platforms, shower seats, fireplace surrounds, arches, etc.), boxes, crates, cable reels, and light pallets. Whatever you need in a large staple gun, we’ve got it.


  • Fasco F44AC G-50TL pneumatic staple gun, 7/16-in crown 16 GA staples, 1 – 2 inch leg length. Stainless steel staples available.
    $225.00 EA
  • Spotnails M1S76-8650 Industrial Grade Stapler. Uses 1/2-inch crown, 16 Ga Paslode GS-16 staples, up to 2-inch length.
    $311.85 EA
  • Spotnails MS6564 staple gun. Uses 7/16-inch Medium crown, 15 Ga Senco Q staples. Staple Lengths: 1-1/4" to 2-1/2".
    $354.95 EA
  • Spotnails X1S76-8650 16 Gauge air staple gun. Uses 1/2-inch Medium Crown staples from 5/8" to 2" staple length: Spotnails 7600/ Bostitch 16S4; Spotnails 8600/ Paslode GS16.
    $243.80 EA