Hog Ring Pliers (Hand)

Salco offers a wide range of manual hog ring tools. Bostitch P7 and Salco HR-7P manual hog ring pliers. Both use the 616 [SR8] 16 Gauge C-ring. Used for small bag closure, netting closure or fastening, miscellaneous crafts, and other light commercial applications.

Bostitch Ringer 9/16 and G22 manual hog ring pliers use 15 Gauge D-rings. Stainless Steel rings available The HFP9 uses a heavy 9 Gauge aluminum C-rings. Applications include bagging, mesh closure, fencing, ball-tying, stringing to wire cabling, upholstery, and fencing etc.

We also offer Rapid LIG 150 and Rapid LIG 175 vine pliers for securing grapes or other climbing plants and shrubs to frames or cable support systems.