Air Carton Staplers from Staple Headquarters


When you pack and ship dozens—or even hundreds—of cartons of your products each day, you need powerful, reliable carton staplers to securely close your containers. Staple Headquarters offers a selection of box staplers that are capable of heavy-duty work.

Choose pneumatic carton staplers that can penetrate nearly any double-walled, corrugated box or container. Our carton closing staplers come from known and trusted brands, like Bostitch, and our own Salco label of carton closing staplers. Salco has been a leading name in fasteners since we started as Fischer Staple and Supply in 1947.

Our pneumatic box staplers use magazines that hold 150 staples, and extended magazines are available. Close your shipping cartons securely with cardboard box staplers from Staple Headquarters.

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