JK 561-15PN pneumatic top carton stapler. Uses C58 staples.



Item Number: 561-15PN

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Carton Closing Staplers / Top Carton Staplers

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Made in Sweden
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Josef Kihlberg JK561-15PN air-operated top carton stapler. Intended for securing the top flaps of corrugated boxes after filling. Perfect for moderate to high volume carton closing. Features silencer and adjustable penetration control. Available with extended magazine for loading 300 staples. Uses the C Type 1-1/4" crown C58 staples, 5/8" leg length. JK brand staples are available.

The JK561 features a very effective silencer to eliminate workplace noise. It also has an adjustable 5 setting penetration control, exclusive to the Model 561 carton stapler. The stapler can be tailored precisely to user corrugated specifications by the adjustment of the anvil depth penetration control for a perfect, strong and tight clinch of the staples.

JK561-15PN Specifications:

Weight   5.1 lbs.
Length  15.35"
Height  8.86"
Air Requirements   70 PSI
Staple Capacity  150

JK561-15PN Parts (See Pages 42-46), Manual (pdf)

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