Bostitch P7 hog ring pliers. Use 11/16-in 16 Ga hog rings.



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Bostitch P7 manual hog ring pliers. All metal construction. Takes 616 hog rings, 16 gauge. 11/16" OD, closes to 9/32" - 23/64" [7.1mm - 9.1mm] ID. Stainless steel rings available. For bag closure, netting, miscellaneous crafts and other applications. Similar to Salco HR7P.

Bostitch P7 Features: 

  • Durable all metal construction
  • Uses 16 gauge hog rings for extra versatility
  • Integral spring loaded magazine feed; no pusher to lose


  • Close off the neck of plastic, cloth, or mesh bags
  • Secure method to permanently fix tags to potted plants
  • Low cost method to tighten burlap on root ball after tie-up
  • General bagging
  • Secure bird, deer, varmint control netting over planting beds 
  • Miscellaneous crafts
  • Securing shock or bungee cording

Bostitch P7 Specifications:

Weight .8 lbs.
Hog Ring Load  50
Ring Size  11/16"
Staple   RING 616G50, RING 616G50B, RING 616SS50
Closure size i.d. min-max
9/32 "-23/64", (7.1-9.1mm) 

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