11/16 inch hog ring staples 16 Ga, Sharp. Stainless Steel. 2,500/box. Ship Free.



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11/16” hog rings 16 GA Sharp. Stainless steel. 2,500/box. 11/16-inch open size; 9/32-inch closing size. KHF brand, made in USA. Similar to Bostitch Spenax RING616SS50.


  • Close off the neck of plastic, cloth, or mesh bags
  • Secure method to permanently fix tags to potted plants
  • Low cost method to tighten burlap on root ball after tie-up
  • General bagging
  • Secure bird, deer, varmint control netting over planting beds 
  • Miscellaneous crafts
  • Securing shock or bungee cording