When Should You Frame a Canvas Painting?


When Should You Frame a Canvas Painting?

A painting is an investment in an artist's interpretation of the world, and it should receive celebration because of the time and skill it took to bring it to life. Like a photograph, knowing when to frame a painting is essential. Yet, unlike photos with glossy finishes, canvas paintings require careful handling and attention. Framing a canvas painting can protect it from damage, but doing it too early or too late can lead to problems. In this blog, we’ll discuss the best time to frame a canvas painting.

1. Wait Until It's Completely Dry

Whether it's your painting, one you found at a thrift store, or one received as a gift from a friend, you must ensure it's dry upon framing. If canvas paint doesn't dry thoroughly, it can stick to the frame and damage the artwork. Additionally, wet paint on canvas traps moisture, leading to mold and mildew growth on the painting. So waiting for the picture to dry before framing it is better.

2. Choose the Right Time To Frame

The best time to frame a painting depends on the environment in which the artist created it. Rooms with lots of humidity and high temperatures can stall the drying process. Humid areas require more time for paintings to dry, but drier conditions might cause cracking if you don’t frame the art in time.

3. Take Your Time

Framing means the painting goes into a special enclosure, so it’ll be difficult if you want to replace the frame later. Take your time deciding when to frame your artwork. Consider discussing options with a professional framer who can guide you on what complementary frame styles to pick from if you choose to mount your picture later.

4. Look for a Professional

Framing a painting is not a job to do on your own. So consult a framing professional, as they know how to handle delicate canvas paintings. A professional canvas framer can safely measure your artwork for the best size and style. And they know how to protect it from fading and discoloration. A professional framer has the experience and most up-to-date knowledge on painting preservation treatments.

5. Consider Your Budget

Framing is an expensive venture. Consider your budget before purchasing a high-quality frame that doesn't have the correct dimensions. Discuss with a professional about financial options, such as sales, discounts, and promotional deals. Ensure you pick something that’ll last a long time, fits your style, and is the right size.

Framing a canvas painting requires careful consideration and expertise. Following our tips on when to know if it's time to frame a canvas painting can help streamline the framing process. Ensure you have the right items, such as a picture framing gun, to mount your artwork for all to see and enjoy for years to come. Salco has all the tools you need to ensure your painting remains in good condition.