Things To Look for When Buying a Picture Frame Stapler


Things To Look for When Buying a Picture Frame Stapler

When you buy the first framing stapler, you see on the shelf that it might not pan out the way you want it to. Chances are, the stapler won’t have the quality-of-life features that’ll make your projects less of a hassle. You’re going to need to keep an eye out for the things to look for when buying a picture frame stapler to guarantee you’re getting your money’s worth. Be aware of the options available to you and what will best suit your current project.

Nail Depth

An important factor you need to consider is if the staple you’re puncturing the wood with can penetrate deep enough to ensure that the two pieces are secure. Picking out a framing gun that can’t reach the depths you need, even if it’s only off by millimeters, can result in a faulty and unstable frame.

Give Yourself Options

Many framing guns come with an adjustable depth setting to make sure that you can use them for a variety of different applications and materials. While it may cost a bit more to find one with adjustable settings, it will be better than having to find a new stapler for your various different projects.

Power Source

There are three main types of power sources when it comes to picture frame staplers; those include manual, compressed air, and electric. Each one comes with its pros and cons. Manual is best used for smaller projects that don’t need a lot of force for the staple to penetrate the wood. Use compressed air for those situations where manual stapling isn’t powerful enough to connect two pieces securely. And electric, while offering power similar to manual, does so without the physical exertion on the part of the user.

Resistant To Jamming

One of the most common issues you may encounter with framing staplers, especially with cheaper ones, is jams. When you insert staples through the feeding mechanism, they may fall out of alignment if they don’t fit perfectly, which will result in a jam. Find a stapler made out of sturdier material and less prone to jams.

Unjamming Features

Some specialized framing guns can even come with mechanisms that unjam staplers on their own or offer easy access to the feeder to fix the jam quickly. While this function is not ubiquitous among staple guns, it’s a feature to look out for when purchasing a framing staple gun.

Know What You’re Buying

Always know what features come with your stapler and whether it’s the best tool for the job you have in mind. And don’t be afraid to spend a few extra dollars to get a better-quality staple gun because while there are cheaper ones available, they tend to break down easily.