What Tools Are Needed for Installing Wall Insulation?


What Tools Are Needed for Installing Wall Insulation?

DIY wall insulation projects require a lot from you, so you have to prepare before getting started. You should first consider the tools you'll need for installing wall insulation. What are some of these tools? Read on to find out!

Your Mask 

No matter what insulation you're installing, you'll need a mask covering your mouth and nose. This gear is incredibly important, as inhaling fiberglass or spray foam insulation is dangerous. Fiberglass, in particular, can cause soreness in the nose and throat or even induce asthma attacks. Spray foam can cause lung damage and respiratory conditions. The general pattern here is clear: Wear your mask. It'll save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Staple Guns

Hammer staple guns are perfect for holding the insulation in place. You can attach several materials to your wall frame, including plywood and house wrap. The wonderful thing is these staples are long-lasting and easy to use. Stapling the insulation will be quick, easy, and efficient. Most of the hammer staplers on the market can handle jobs that require steady hands. Ultimately, they do much of the job for you. Just hammer on the material you're attempting to attach and watch the job take care of itself.

Tape Measure

You'll certainly need a tape measure if you're trying to insulate your walls because you have to measure the amount of insulation you'll need. You'll also need to measure the frame or plywood that will cover the insulation. Whether you’re shopping online or at a hardware store, you'll need just enough to fill the frame. If you have too much insulation, you'll waste money. If you have too little, you'll need to ship more before finishing the project. It's a delicate process, but a tape measure makes it far easier. Now that you know the importance of measuring your materials, you can agree that a tape measure is an essential tool for installing wall insulation.

While this isn't an exhaustive list, you'll certainly need these items if you're looking to install wall insulation. If you use these items, you'll find that your DIY project goes off without a hitch!