What Size Hog Rings Do You Use for Car Upholstery?


What Size Hog Rings Do You Use for Car Upholstery?

Upholstering various items can be a fun hobby. It can also be challenging, especially since you may not know what tools you need to do the job. Hog rings are a unique piece of hardware especially suited for car upholstery. Getting the right size hog rings is the key to success. So, what size hog rings do you need to use for your car’s upholstery? Read on to learn more about these essential tools so that your next upholstery project is a success.

Why You Should Use Hog Rings for Upholstery

Before you start sizing hog rings, you should know why you’ll want to use them in the first place. It’s exceedingly easy to fall into the trap of using regular pliers instead of hog ring tools, so let’s look at the benefits of hog rings. First, hog rings are affordable and easy to get your hands on. You can easily look at our shop here at Salco Staple Headquarters and get the hog rings you need shipped to order.

They’re also strong. You can use these pieces of hardware for all sorts of things, but it’s not uncommon for people to use them for heavy-duty construction purposes. For instance, someone might use them to create fencing fields or for agricultural purposes. Since this is the case, you can expect hog rings to work well when it’s time to secure upholstery. Finally, you can use several tools to install them, and that versatility can always come in handy.

What Size Should You Use for Upholstery?

There are a ton of hog rings on the market, so choosing the best option might be a challenge. Never fear; we’re here to help. Let’s simplify: most professionals use ½- or ¾-inch hog rings. Additionally, you’ll want to get the ones you can use with pointed ends. You need these kinds of ends because you can use them to pierce your upholstery’s material. For most projects, that range will be the proper size hog ring to use for car upholstery. 

How Do You Remove Hog Rings From Upholstery?

Ensure you have the right tool for the job when trying to remove hog rings. You’ll be making a mistake if you try to use a pair of regular pliers. It won’t be easy to remove hog rings since their design makes them near-permanent, and using regular pliers will likely damage your fabric. Instead, you should pick up any of our hog ring tools since they can do the trick. Twist the hog ring with your hog ring pliers to straighten them out. Don’t worry; you’ll quickly get the hang of it, even if it’s tricky. After that, you just quickly pull the metal out of the upholstery.

If you’re interested in picking up some of our pneumatic hog ring guns or any other tool, we have you covered here at Salco Staple Headquarters. Look around our shop and order from us today. We have everything a professional or hobbyist would need for car upholstery.