What Size Hog Rings and Pliers Do You Need for Your Project?


What Size Hog Rings and Pliers Do You Need for Your Project?

If you have a project to do, you need the right tools. If you’re working with any form of upholstery or fencing, hog rings and pliers are the first things you need to get. However, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Since this is the case, figuring out what size hog rings and pliers you need for your project is important. If you’re interested in looking at our comparisons, read below.

Types of Hog Rings

The three primary kinds of hog rings are distinct from each other due to their shapes. They’re called C-type, D-type, and M-type hog rings. Some have sharp ends, and others are blunt, but this largely depends on how you apply them. The larger and thicker they are, the more you can assume someone will use them in an industrial setting or even for construction applications. C-type hog rings have a flattened base with inward-facing prongs that flare out. D-types have a middle-notched center, giving them an uneven base down the middle. D-types have a flattened base like the C-rings but the prongs slant. Meanwhile, M-type hog rings curve in a way that makes them resemble the letter M.

Types of Hog Ring Pliers

There are tons of different hog ring pliers in various shapes and sizes. You use most of them manually. However, you can get hog ring guns or some pneumatic hog ring tools. There are many different kinds of pliers on the market, from multi-functional ones, which have a variety of uses, to cutting pliers. These cut materials like steel fencing. Hog ring pliers are “holding” pliers used to hold and clamp different materials.

The Applications

You can use hog rings for any number of applications and industries. However, sealing casings and bags are most popular in the meat processing industry. You can also use them in the automotive industry. Both of these applications typically use 1-inch hog rings. Many hobbyists might use hog rings to upholster a piece of furniture or a seat in their car. They can help fasten leather to seats. Since this is the case, you might use hog rings that are 3/4 inches. Furthermore, people can fasten heavy-duty boxes together on pallets for industrial purposes in warehouses with hog rings. Again, larger 1-inch hog rings are best for this kind of application. One of their more popular applications is for steel mesh fences. You can use pneumatic or manual hog ring tools for any of these purposes since they can all hold multiple hog plier sizes. These are some of the sizes of hog rings and pliers that you need for your projects.

We’ve talked a lot about hog ring pliers, so if you’re interested in getting a pair of pliers or hog rings, check out what we offer here at Salco. You’ll be happy you shopped with us.