Top Hammer Tacker Safety Tips


Hammer Tacker

Hammer tackers are manual tools and tend to be safer than electric or pneumatic staple guns. However, you can still suffer serious injuries using a hammer tacker. Learn these top hammer tacker safety tips to prevent mishaps.

Don’t Exceed the Tool’s Capabilities

Hammer tackers are best used to attach soft materials to wood. They’re useful for insulation, felt, and carpet backing. They won’t hold two pieces of wood together. You might be able to drive a staple through wood or thin sheet metal with a heavy-duty hammer tacker, but you may damage your tool and reduce its useful life.

Wear Eye Protection

When you whack a staple through fabric into wood, the staple may miss the mark and jump up—right into your eye. Wear goggles when you’re using a hammer tacker, and use gloves that protect your hands while providing a firm grip.

Choose the Right Staple

Hammer tackers accommodate a variety of staple sizes. Choose a size that does the job without going overboard. Load the staples properly (facing outward, in this case) and ensure the spring in the magazine clicks into place.

Keep the Work Area Free of Hazards

Tripping while holding a hammer stapler could result in a pair of jeans fastened securely to your thigh. Get rid of debris or electrical cords that create trip hazards in your work area.

Check the Handle

Make sure the handle of the hammer is firmly attached. The handle should also be insulated to prevent electrical shock. Depending on the project, there could be a risk of contacting electrical wiring. An electrically insulated handle can protect you in these circumstances.

Test Your Grip

Edged handles can interfere with a firm grip. Test the hammer stapler in your hand to determine whether your grip is steady or if it feels like your hand is falling asleep. The tool shouldn’t slip while in use.

Check Your Footing

If you must use a hammer tacker on a roof or at high elevation, make sure you are seated or have secure footing. Avoid using a hammer tacker while standing on a ladder, as the motion of your arm can cause you to lose your balance, or make the ladder shift position.

Learning these safety tips for hammer tackers can get you through your project without pierced fingers or poked eyes.