The Top 5 Tips for Using an Automatic Booklet Stapler


An automatic booklet stapler is a wonderful tool that can print a small pamphlet or booklet project. It isn’t difficult to use, and you can make your booklets in bulk. But how can you use it to get the best bang for your buck? Here are five useful tips for using an automatic booklet stapler and getting the most out of it. 

Make Sure You Use Quality Paper

Quality paper is an important part of the booklet-making process. High-quality paper is far less likely to rip or tear during the process, and the people handling the booklet after its completion will be more likely to appreciate its durability. For some paper, you have to take the strength, sizing, and grain into account, but don’t overthink it! If it feels good in your hands, it’s likely a good enough staple.

Make Sure You Use Quality Staples

Quality staples won’t jam in your automatic booklet stapler. You should consider the size of the staples and their overall durability. If it’s too easy to bend or break them, they’re likely not the right kind of staples for you. After all, you want them to hold up long after the stapling process is complete.  

Choose the Best Machine

The best automatic staples are going to be durable. They should also be capable of folding and stapling booklets for long periods. Furthermore, speed is a factor you want to consider. How quickly can your automatic book stapler mass-produce booklets? Choose a stapler that can produce many of the same booklets on the dime. Time and efficiency are key, after all.

Use Different Colors for Covers and Body

You have to consider design choices for your automatic book stapler. If the cover and body of your booklet are different—and we assume they are—it’s prudent to place the paper appropriately so that your cover faces outside and not inside. Follow the instructions with the stapler. It’ll likely provide insight if you have trouble visualizing how the setup should look. This is a great tip for using an automatic stapler. 

Choose the Right Size Paper

You should measure your paper and ensure it can enter and exit your stapler without any problems. You can only do this by getting the appropriate size. Who wants to have to go back to the store after attempting to collate and run their paper through the machine, only to realize it doesn’t fit? To mitigate that problem, check the instructions on the box—that should tell you the ideal width or height of the paper size you can use in the machine.

We hope these tips have helped. If you’re interested in picking up more automatic staplers, check out our selection here at Salco Staple Headquarters! We’ll take care of all your staple needs!