The Tools You Need To Start an Upholstery Business


The Tools You Need To Start an Upholstery Business

There’s a ripe consumer demand for upholstering services. From people salvaging antique furniture for their homes to repurposing items to sell, upholstery services provide a sustainable alternative and a promising business endeavor. Before launching your upholstery services, it’s important to know the tools you need to maintain high-quality products for a successful business. Read on to learn about the tools you need to start an upholstery business and why they are essential for specialized upholstery projects.


A mallet is a tool used to strip old fabric and remove embedded staples during the upholstering process. If a staple won’t come out from a staple puller, a mallet applies extra force by hammering the staple’s end.

Staple Gun

An essential tool you’ll need to start an upholstery business is a staple gun. A staple gun is a handheld tool that drives heavy metal nails into various substrates. Using a staple gun for upholstery provides an efficient and controlled method for securing new webbing.

Tack Pullers

Reupholstering furniture requires a thorough investigation of the former materials to decide the best application method. Tack pullers are a handheld tool that uses a metal claw to remove tacks holding fabric in place. Tack pullers make it easy to discard old fabric to inspect the condition of the underlying materials.

Side Cutters

Side cutters consist of a polished head secured with vinyl handles to grip. Side cutters allow you to cut and manipulate wires, staples, and hog rings with minimal damage to the furniture you’re reupholstering. The head shape of side cutters provides easy viewing, gripping, and pulling of upholstery materials.

Ensuring success for your small business requires skills and the right tools to maximize them. Whether you’re replacing a link on your fence or applying new upholstery, Staple Headquarters is a proud provider of high-quality industrial tools. We are proud to serve as your hub for industrial tools that meet the needs of all your business and DIY applications.