The Purpose of Different Hog Ring Tools


The Purpose of Different Hog Ring Tools

Hog rings are C- or D-shaped fasteners used to connect wire fencing, close mesh or fabric bags, or attach fabric and other materials in furniture manufacturing. The purpose of different hog ring tools can be to apply and/or remove hog rings. Hog ring tools used to apply fasteners do so by squeezing the C- or D-shaped fasteners closed around whatever material the user is fastening or securing.

Hog ring pliers are manual tools for securing a variety of materials. For you wine enthusiasts, vine hog ring pliers hold grapevines in place along those rows and rows of wire fencing in vineyards. They are useful for securing tags to branches of trees and shrubs in garden centers and nurseries. These pliers have a groove in the jaws to hang on to the ring while the pliers squeeze it shut.

Smaller hog ring pliers can even be used in some crafting projects to close bags, create wreaths, or make other items that require a tight hold around wire or branches. Gardeners find they come in handy to secure fences and netting.

Pneumatic hog ring tools are for heavy-duty jobs, including car seat upholstering, large bag closures, and the manufacture of mattresses and other bedding. They come in handy for tree staking or closing very large bags. These power tools are best for manufacturing or large construction projects that require a lot of repetitive power to apply hog rings by the hundreds or even thousands.

A little-known hog ring tool is a bag sealer that can close plastic bags containing liquids or high moisture levels. This tool can be used with corrosion-resistant hog ring fasteners to close bags containing live fish, fruits and vegetables, and even sausage tubing.

Even if they are not widely used by the public, the many purposes of hog ring tools make them one of the more versatile fasteners for unusual jobs involving wire fencing, for securing trees and shrubs, or closing bags.