The Importance of Staplers in Your Office


The Importance of Staplers in Your Office

An Office Classic

What are the most important supplies that one should have in the office? A computer, a phone, a printer… the list could go on. While some of these are modern innovations, there’s one item that’s been prevalent for as long as anyone can remember. Many office supply trends have come and gone, but the stapler has been, well, a staple in the work environment. When outfitting your office with the proper supplies, this is one that can’t be ignored.

The Reliable Fastener

When it comes to fastening papers, binder clips and paper clips oftentimes just won’t do—unless we want to risk one popping off and therefore finding ourselves with a mess of papers decorating the floor. A stapler is essential when it comes to ensuring that your documents stay together.

This is especially important when you’re handling larger paper stacks, such as when putting together a manual or training guide. A heavy-duty electric stapler is an efficient and reliable way to get the job done. Pamphlets and other small documents will be held together most efficiently with a booklet stapler.


Staplers are altogether the most professional-looking option when it comes to securing documents. While that hot pink binder clip may look super cute, it may not impress the person you’re handing your document off to. A properly stapled document appears both polished and professional.


It isn’t only professional documents you hand off to someone else that will require a stapler. Messy papers on your desk can throw off your productivity and cause you to waste time shuffling through the pages to find what you need. A quick staple or two, however, is a simple solution.

Other Uses

While the most obvious use of a stapler is fastening documents, there are a few other ways that you can use them in a workplace setting. These functions can include the following:

  • Wardrobe malfunctions
  • Packaging
  • Office space decorations

Ultimately, there various uses for staplers and having a few different types in the workplace will serve both you and your employees well. To stock up on your collection, browse through our wide assortment of high-quality staplers.