The History of Fill Our Staplers Day


The History of Fill Our Staplers Day

Seems like there is a “National Day” for just about everything, and staplers are no exception. Celebrate “National Fill Our Staplers Day” on Monday, March 9, and Monday, November 2—one day after the start and finish of daylight savings time.

The history of National Fill Our Staplers Day begins in 2012, when the Dull Men’s Club (yes, there is a Dull Men’s Club) decided to channel the frustration of reaching for a stapler, only to find it empty, into a commemorative day that would remind everyone to keep their staplers full. Having found solace in their full staplers, the Dull Men’s Club decided to share the joy and asked publisher McGraw-Hill to include the day in their 2013 Chase’s Calendar of Events. The publisher agreed, and National Fill Our Staplers Day was born. Interesting people now join their dull counterparts in recognizing the day on the Monday following the Sundays in the spring and fall when we turn our clocks ahead (“spring ahead”) or turn them back (“fall back”) by an hour. Disagreement exists about whether daylight savings time actually saves any energy or money, but the time change is as good an excuse as any to fill your staplers and have them ready for the many different jobs they can do.

Staplers aren’t just for fastening paper together; framing staplers can be used to make picture frames or for fastening wire to fenceposts. They can bind booklets and help reupholster furniture. Some types of staplers, staple guns, and nail guns are essential to installing roofing, flooring, house wrap, and other home construction tasks.

So, bright and early Monday, March 9, delight your office mates by filling their staplers (and then leaving them on their desks—borrowing staplers and never returning them is the scourge of many a workplace). You can even impress them by telling them about National Fill Our Staplers Day and how it got its start.