The Different Types of Staplers and Their Uses


The Different Types of Staplers and Their Uses

When asked, one isn’t likely to say they consider staplers very often. When we’re young, they seem like a simple thing and just another school supply. One sits on our teacher’s desk, and the only time we may pay any attention to it is when we need to use one.

While they may not initially seem like much, there’s a lot behind these tools, and in many situations, we’d be lost without them. They’re an essential tool for many, including builders and office workers—they’re perhaps as important as other widely appreciated tools. There are several stapler varieties, and each one has a different purpose. Whether you’re a builder or an office worker determines which model you should use. We provide an overview of the most common staplers and their uses. You may discover one you’ve never heard of before that will make some of your daily tasks much easier.

Desk Stapler

This is likely the variety you’re most familiar with, as one no doubt lives in a drawer somewhere in your home or office. These are generally economically priced and easy to use. They don’t require much in the way of labor to use, and you’ll only pull it out when you need to fasten a few pieces of paper together or craft. While useful, these often jam. This can be avoided, however, when you invest in one that can handle several sheets of paper at a time and will last you a lifetime.

Electric Stapler

In an office environment with a substantial amount of paperwork, a manual stapler may have a few downfalls. One of these is the labor that’s often required to fasten all the paper together. Thousands of sheets of paper that go through an office in one day mean an almost constant need to staple paper together. Fastening not only takes a lot of time, but it also can cause physical stress. The continuous movements may cause you to strain your wrist, which is less than ideal. Many companies can benefit from an electric stapler, which offers ease of use and minimal effort on the user’s part. These staplers can also fasten several dozen pages with only one staple.

Long Reach

It’s frustrating, to say the least, when your stapler can’t reach a certain part of your paper when you need it to. We’ve all tried to scrunch up pages in an effort to fit them into a stapler, which usually results in unwelcome wrinkles. The solution to this common problem is a long reach stapler. These staplers come with a ruler on their surface, so you adjust them to your needs and staple anywhere you need to. These can be great tools for magazines or journals.

Heavy Duty

A desk or electric stapler won’t always perform the way you need them to. This isn’t because they aren’t made well, but sometimes you need something with a little more strength. Heavy duty staplers come in multiple sizes; they start at handheld models and go up in size from there. They can usually operate with staples that are almost an inch in size, and they can typically fasten over 200 sheets of paper together.

Hammer Tackers

Hammer tackers, also known as hammer staplers, are handled just like their name suggests—you generally use the same motion to use them that you would a hammer. You’ll mostly use this stapler in roofing or flooring, as they are an extremely efficient method used to install items such as carpets or insulation. Their design makes them easy to use, and you can cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time.

Pneumatic Staplers

Pneumatic staplers are a favorite of construction workers due to their power and speed. These allow you to get a job done quickly and are a welcome alternative to nails. Staples are less labor intensive and can be more cost effective than nails, too. Along with woodworkers, many roofing experts opt to use pneumatic staplers when they put down shingles. These staplers are shaped similar to electric screwdrivers and are operated by pressing on a trigger.

Booklet Staplers

Booklet staplers have a more unique design than many of its counterparts, but it’s an extremely useful tool to have. The base is wider than the head, and is elevated upwards. These staplers are generally used for booklets, such as pamphlets, programs, or brochures. The elevation makes it easy to slip these booklets in, so the crease settles right where the staple should go. The ergonomics of this stapler make it an excellent choice for anyone that creates many booklets at a time. It should be noted that these are generally not designed to penetrate any more than 20 or so pages, though.

Mini Staplers

These aren’t necessarily the most diverse stapler, but they’re user friendly and handy to have tucked away in your briefcase. These are generally inexpensive, lightweight, and refillable. A box of these in a classroom or office setting are useful for crafts or putting paper together quickly. They’re generally made of plastic, so they can take a beating. While maybe not the most utilitarian option, it’s certainly handy to have one available.

Staple Removers

We know these aren’t a stapler, but they’re essential to have around. How many of us have tried to remove staples with our fingers? This can result in chipped nails and damage to the object we’re trying to remove them from. Some staplers, such as mini ones, will come equipped with a remover; however, this isn’t necessarily common. If you do work that requires constant use of a stapler, you’ll want to have one of these on hand. Some removers come with magnets that will help further loosen the staple, as well.

Which is Right for You?

We hope this article informed you about the extensive varieties of staplers on the market. Each one has been specifically designed for a different purpose, and you want to select the one that’s right for your individual needs. No matter the industry you work in, there’s a stapler option for you.

At Staple Headquarters, we have staplers and staples of almost every type. With our extensive catalogue, you’re sure to find exactly what you need. Staple Headquarters wants you to have the best experience possible. If you have any further questions regarding the products we have to offer, reach out to our team, today.

Staplers and Their Uses