The Differences Between a Nail Gun and a Staple Gun


The Differences Between a Nail Gun and a Staple Gun

If you're looking to do a DIY project, you'll most likely need either a nail gun or a staple gun. These two tools are often used for similar reasons, so from the outside looking in, it would seem they're the same. However, they have many differences, so we'll dive into the differences between a nail and a staple gun below.

Differences in Definition

The first thing we need to do is define the two tools. Doing so will help outline the differences between them. A staple gun is a handheld tool with a magazine filled with staples. This will be true whether you have a heavy-duty industrial stapler or a $100 stapler you got from Amazon that you use for small projects around the house. They're all built the same.

Nail guns come in many versions but load nails into a magazine rather than staples.

Differences in Application

Though they're used in DIY and industrial projects, you might wonder how often these tools are used. Nail guns are often used when the project requires a lot of wood. Nail guns can seamlessly drive nails into the wood, and the tool can also pull out nails without a blemish. Staple guns are a better option if you don't have much wood in the project but have fabrics and frames you want to repair.

Differences in Visibility

Staple heads join the two legs and always remain visible after application. That said, nails inserted with a nail gun are invisible after penetrating whatever surface you're working with. Considering this, nail guns are usually used in cosmetic and functional projects. This is a key difference between nail and staple guns.

In short, nail and staple guns have many different uses. They can benefit your projects in several ways. Being able to tell their strengths and weaknesses apart greatly affects your project's efficiency. Hopefully, understanding how they differ can help you determine which tool is best!