The Benefits of Using a Nail Gun


The Benefits of Using a Nail Gun

When you have projects around the house you need to complete, you’ll invariably need to hammer in more than a few nails. Depending on the amount of nailing you have to do, a hammer can become impractical and will only slow you down and tire you out. That’s when you need to consider the benefits of using a nail gun.

Whether your work requires the use of a pneumatic nail gun or a staple nail gun, they offer the same advantages and will make any job go by quicker.

More Power With Less Effort

With the power of pressurized force, a nail gun can easily push a nail into a solid surface with a single squeeze of the trigger. By contrast, a hammer would need at least two or three swings to have similar success and would expend more of your energy.

Faster Results

With a nail gun’s ease of use also comes a far greater speed of work. Instead of spending several seconds hammering the same nail until it’s secure, a nail gun will spend only one or two seconds doing the same job. Even the speed of an experienced carpenter can’t compete with the speed of a nail gun.

More Accurate Results

With speed, there’s no sacrifice in accuracy. When hammering, it can be easy to miss a swing and accidentally skew the nail. This either results in having to pull it out and try again or forcing it in at an undesirable angle. The gun ensures every nail is uniform in the force used and that it will penetrate at the exact position you want.

Keeps Your Fingers Safe

Possibly the most appealing benefit of using a nail gun is keeping your fingers safe from harm. When driving a nail into wood, you need to steady it with one hand and nail it in with the other. With manually hammering, the risk of hitting your finger is always present.

No Risk

Nail guns don’t require you to put your hand right where you need to drive the nail. Your hands are safe, so you don’t run the risk of sustaining an injury that can slow down work or would—in worse-case scenarios—need medical attention.

An Investment That Pays for Itself

While the cost of a nail gun is more expensive than that of a hammer, the advantages that come with it are well worth the initial price. Faster work and safer work are two things that are worth trading a little more money for.