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Staplex accessories from Staple Headquarters will help your Staplex stapler work more quickly. Use a foot switch to keep your hands free, so you can prepare the next document for fastening. Use the adjustable backstops to align document pages perfectly and staple them consistently in the same position as you use the foot switch.

Staplex accessories work with your electric Staplex stapler to make the repetitive task of binding several copies of documents easier and faster. And when you buy them from us, you get the benefit of Staple Headquarters’ quick same-day shipping and 14-day satisfaction guarantee. These add-ons make office tasks go faster with fewer mistakes and less paper waste. Shop for your Staplex accessories today.

  • Footswitch for Staplex S700-1NHL electric office stapler.
    $115.00 EA
  • Circuit card Fits S700-1NHL
    $112.00 EA
  • Adjustable backstop set for S700-1NHL. Includes one left, one right.
    $65.00 EA