Stainless Steel Office Staples | Rust-Proof Staples

In professional settings, fasteners must not only do the job of holding documents together, but they also have to look sleek and professional. Staple Headquarters offers quality stainless steel office staples in a range of sizes for various office applications.

We also offer rust-proof staples that will hold up even in humid environments or when exposed to moisture. Shop our collection of stainless steel office staples for your desktop, copy room, and breakroom staplers.
Standard office staples 1/4 and 5/16-inch leg length. Salco brand, made in Europe. Interchangeable with Rapid 26, 66 office staples.

Monel staples available.  Monel wire staples are indefinitely rust-proof as there is a high nickel content in the wire. They also are immune to galvanic action which can cause corrosion when stainless steel staples are in contact with other metals, such as screening.

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