Custom Staples Order | Specialty Staples


SALCO, Inc. has access to many custom fasteners and specialty staples beyond those listed in this catalog. Should you require a staple or stapler that you cannot find listed, a custom staple order can get you just about any staple, fastener, or stapler that is in production. Please contact our customer service stapling specialists for availability, pricing, and lead time on these items.

If the staples you are interested in are not manufactured any longer, or you need custom staples, it may be possible to place a Special Order to manufacture them. This is restricted to staples only.
Make Staples Headquarters your online source for all types of staplers, nail guns, fence staplers, steel strapping tools, picture frame and upholstery staples and staplers, and hog ring pliers. When it comes to attaching one thing to another—whether it’s binding a thick stack of paper, using brads to apply molding between a wall and a ceiling, or installing a new floor—Staples Headquarters can supply the tools, staples, and nails you need.

We understand that some jobs require a unique approach, an older tool, an unusual fastener, or specialty staples that are difficult to find. We can find those unique or rare staples for you via a custom staples order. Please read the information below carefully. Then you can contact us with any questions you have about placing a custom staples order for specialty staples.

  • Special Order Products may require a minimum of 1 million or more staples.
  • Special Order Products are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for 90 days from the date of invoice.
  • Any Special Order Product found to be defective will be replaced at no charge. The defective staple determination can only be made by SALCO, Inc.
  • Special Order Products are not returnable for credit under any circumstances. Regrettably there can be no exceptions.
  • All prices, packaging, and delivery times are per individual quotation only.
  • Salco,Inc. must receive a signed, confirming, non-cancelable purchase order in addition to a 50% advance deposit before manufacture of the item(s) can begin.