6 Tips for Using a Heavy-Duty Hammer Tacker Like a Pro


 6 Tips for Using a Heavy-Duty Hammer Tacker Like a Pro

Whether you're installing new insulation or repairing roofing on a home, hammer tackers are a useful tool that can help you get the job done. But first, it's essential to know how to use one properly. Fortunately, we've put together a guide of six tips for using a heavy-duty tacker hammer like a pro so that you can feel confident about your projects.

Understand the Limits of Your Tool

An essential part of using your hammer tacker correctly is understanding its limits and adhering to them. While it's true that heavy-duty tackers can shoot through a material as durable as thin sheet metal, it's ill-advised to push your device to this point. Hammer tackers' design is specific to securing softer materials on hard surfaces, such as insulation to wood framing. So, keep this in mind as you plan projects.

Use Proper Gear and Follow Safety Procedures

Like any other power tool, it's best to have some safety gear handy when you're using a hammer staple gun. Because staples fire out of your device at high speeds, there is always a chance for a misfire or a stray staple flying back into your eye. So, it's wise to wear safety goggles when working. Just as well, you might consider investing in safety gloves to keep your hands protected as you position and staple materials.

Select the Best Staple for the Job

Before you start a project, you'll want to make sure that you select the suitable size staple for the job. Most hammer tackers have a range of an eight to ten-millimeter depth. So, when you pick out your staples, make sure that you always choose the shortest possible length you need to secure your materials properly.  

Load Your Hammer's Magazine Correctly

Once you have your staples, it's time to load them into your hammer tacker's magazine. To insert your staples, locate and remove the spring mechanism at the end of your tool. Slide your staples into the hollow handle and push the spring mechanism back into the handle. Doing this will hold the staples together and secure the magazine in place.

Position Your Material

Next, it's time to position the material you're hoping to install. Grab your materials and your hammer tacker. Then, carefully set the material over your surface with your free hand, laying it flat to ensure a smooth installation. Finally, place your tacker over the material and start stapling. Keep your free hand on the material to keep it secured but be careful not to wander too close to the tool.

Start Stapling

Believe it or not, there is a proper technique for stapling with a hammer tacker. First, you'll want to ensure that the tool is positioned straight and level against your materials. Then, you'll use a swift, sweeping motion to fire the staple into your surface. Always be sure to use the right amount of force to secure your staples into a surface so that they don't become loose and fall out.

These fantastic tools can help users with various material installations. Hopefully, our six tips for using a heavy-duty tacker hammer like a pro can help you confidently forge onward with your projects.