Simple Steps to Repair Your Nail Gun


Simple Steps to Repair Your Nail Gun

Staple nail guns are incredibly useful tools that can be used for various projects. A quality staple gun can last you years, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll never have to do a bit of troubleshooting. Fortunately, troubleshooting isn’t incredibly difficult—provided you know the right steps. Here we share a few solutions for fixing a fussy staple gun.

Jammed Staple Gun

This is likely one of the most common issues you’ll come across, but you can usually fix a jammed staple gun by doing the following:

  • Depending on whether your stapler is an electric or manual one, you’ll either slide out the gun’s pusher rod or the magazine.
  • There may be a screw at the bottom of the magazine that will have to be unscrewed in order to release the magazine. Be sure to check for one before attempting to remove the magazine, as failure to do so could break your magazine.
  • Once the magazine has been removed, you’ll likely be able to locate the offending staple stuck where it should be discharged. Remove it with a pair of hog ring pliers.
  • Replace the magazine and test out your stapler—it should continue to work as normal.

Several Staples Ejected at Once

  • If you find that your stapler is ejecting several staples at once, know that this likely isn’t a huge problem. The most likely reason for this is that you’re using the incorrect staple size. Refer to your stapler’s manual and order the correct size if you’re using the wrong one.
  • Your stapler might also eject several staples if you’ve overloaded the magazine. To avoid this, know that it isn’t always necessary to fill the entire magazine. As long as the staples are installed so that they’re right against the trigger, you won’t have to worry about any issues.

Ineffective Stapling

There’s a chance that you may feel as though your stapler isn’t as effective as it usually is or as it should be. There are two reasons for this—one may be that you’re just not using the correct staple size. This can also occur as a result of a jammed stapler. If you find that your stapler isn’t driving as deep as it should, check if either of these factors are the culprits.