Side & Tray Carton Staplers

Trays, corners and edges are best joined with side-arm staplers or plier type staplers. We have four side-arm clincher stapler versions, all in stock.
Side-arm carton staplers are available for C,  A, and F53 Type Staples. C Type (1-1/4" crown) staples - Standard carton-closing staple in the packaging industry. A Type (1-3/8" crown) staples are recommended for packaging applications where carton content weight is above 90 lbs. Compared to C and A type staples, stapling will be less visible with JK53 staples 1/2-inch crown. F53 staples are also well-suited for other different materials such as textiles, leather, etc.

Side and Tray Carton staplers can be shipped by Truck only. Contact us to get your shipping estimates.