Salco Rapid 105e

The Salco Rapid 105E electric table top stapler (standard 66 series), is a new and improved version of the original Rapid 100E, intended for any flat stapling application such as pads, header cards, or swatch samples.  It staples up to the equivalent of 50 sheets of 20 lbs paper. With accessory fiber-optic cables it can be "ganged" for multiple unit stapling operations. R105 220V staplers are also available. SALCO 2 year extended warranty. Made in Sweden.
The R105E uses special high-carbon content flat wire staples, 1/4" - 11/32", Rapid and Salco brands. Stainless steel staples are also available for applications where anti-corrosion qualities are required.
The R105 44 series available model uses a thicker 24 gauge wire staple; a staple designed for denser header cards, high-gloss coated card stock, corrugated cardboard, blister packaging and clamshell packaging. As always, we suggest you send in a sample of your specialty application before placing an order so we may recommend the correct stapler for your application.
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