Salco Hog Ring Guns


Salco hog ring guns help you close large bags of feed or bulk vegetables. They’ll attach sections of fencing together. You can also use them to apply upholstery to car seats. With various sizes and types to choose from, Staple Headquarters offers the Salco hog ring guns and tools for any project you take on that requires hog ring fasteners or closures.

Depending on your project and your needs, you might choose manual hog ring pliers or a heavy-duty pneumatic hog ring gun. You can also select between a long-nose tool and a hog ringer with a short magazine for occasional jobs or projects you can get done with 50 hog rings or fewer. Not sure which tool you need? Contact us and describe how you intend to use hog rings, and we’ll help you choose which tool will do the job best for you.