Auto Stapler Machine Heads

1-year extended warranties against defects in materials or workmanship (proof of purchase is required)
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Our auto stapler machine heads are available in a variety of configurations and styles to fit virtually any semi or fully automated corrugated case erector application. They may be ordered in the top, bottom, and side-stapling models with top, bottom, or flange mounts, single or double head versions. Contact us to discuss your specific application needs.

Extremely durable, the Salco/Lock roll-feed stapling heads are engineered for maximum long-term performance in the most demanding production environments. There simply are no better packaging staplers made anywhere for semi or fully automatic, stand-alone or integrated, corrugated box packaging installations.  For custom engineered automatic carton-closing systems, Salco offers you the best modular stapling solution.

Auto stapler machine heads combine maneuverability and flexibility while significantly reducing loading time. From the portability of the hand unit to automatic systems for carton closing, Salco offers you the right machine. 5000 roll coils available in 5/8" and 3/4 " leg lengths. 888 Series roll staples interchange with Spotnails. Increased staple load means more production.

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Corrugated case erector/stapler. Can be configured to staple bottom, side, top, or combinations of any 2. Salco Stapling Heads available designed for all configurations.