Pneumatic Roll Staplers from Staple Headquarters


Staple Headquarters offers pneumatic roll staplers for sealing the top flaps of corrugated boxes. These coil staplers meet the demands of medium-to-heavy-duty production applications. Carton coil staplers are fast and create more efficient operations, as they need less frequent reloads, saving time in busy warehouses and during shipping operations.

Whether electric or pneumatic, these coil staplers can handle a heavy volume of cartons, closing them securely and efficiently. With the power to penetrate corrugated cardboard, these coil staplers keep your shipping line moving with swift and accurate action.

Staple Headquarters also stocks the compatible staple coils or rolls you’ll need for these powerful, efficient machines. Plus, with every purchase of one of our roll staplers, you’ll get free UPS ground shipping, adding to your savings.

Free UPS Ground (US)