Reasons Why You Need a Staple Gun on Your Farm


Reasons Why You Need a Staple Gun on Your Farm

Living and working on a farm can be rewarding but also backbreaking and exhausting. Maintaining farm enclosures, gardens, and structures requires an array of tools. Here are some reasons why you need a staple gun on your farm.


The most obvious use for a staple gun on your farm is fencing. For enclosing entire pastures, stalls, and pens around the barn, fence staplers are the tool of choice. These reduce the time and effort of keeping fences in repair, setting up new netting and wiring or adding and expanding existing enclosures. Staple guns drive the long-legged, divergent-point fence staples deep into wood fence posts, ensuring a tight grip.

Plant Support

Staple guns help you attach trellises to walls to provide support to climbing plants, whether floral or vegetable. If you are creating dramatic or extensive espaliered supports for fruit trees or squash, you may also need a pair of hog ring pliers to hold the plants to the trellis or espalier supports. Hog ring tools also hold wires to one another along chain link or wire fencing. They can also be used to attach grapevines and other climbing crops, like pole beans, to supports, without harming the plant.


On a farm, it seems no day goes by without something needing repair, including farm structures like chicken coops and pig pens. Staple and nail guns help create the framing as well as attach the “fabric” or wires to wood-framed structures. A new chicken coop or roadside farm stand structure goes together much faster with a staple or nail gun than with a hammer.

Weather can take a toll on farm structures. When roof shingles blow away or sheet metal peels back or a structure needs reframing, you need a staple or nail gun on your farm. Powered by electricity or compressed air, specialty tools are designed to fire a fastener into tough materials from plywood to metal to concrete.

Choosing the right tool and the corresponding fastener for the job is critical to getting the job done right. Contact Staple Headquarters for help in selecting the tools you need to keep your farm well-maintained, your animals corralled, and your plants supported and orderly.