Rapid Office Staplers & Manual Heavy-Duty Staplers


Browse our top-quality selection of Rapid office staplers for your every need. Our Rapid heavy-duty staple guns offer the ultimate performance and durability that will get the job done. We offer various types to choose from depending on your application. All our products are designed with precision and durability, as well as features for stability, adjustability, and more. Quickly and efficiently complete your project with ease. Each one of our manual heavy-duty staplers is designed using the highest quality materials to ensure your full satisfaction. Shop our Rapid office staplers and staples today, and contact us with any questions.  

  • Rapid Duax manual heavy-duty stapler. Staples 2-170 sheets of paper using one size of staple. Made in Sweden. Free Shipping!
    $189.00 EA
  • Rapid HD110 is an all metal heavy duty stapler. The Leverage mechanism enables easy operations in up to 110 sheets.
    $40.00 EA
  • The Rapid HD220 is a very powerful heavy stapler. Its Leverage mechanism enables easy stapling of 10-200 sheets.
    $68.50 EA
  • Rapid HD80 is a personal all metal heavy duty stapler for 2-80 sheets.
    $27.50 EA
  • Rapid Supreme S17 desktop stapler is a best seller in many countries. Flat clinch. Uses standard staples. Staples up to 30 sheets of paper.
    $16.40 EA