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Discover the unmatched quality of European-manufactured fine wire staples by Rainco. Renowned for their commitment to excellence, Rainco brings a variety of products, such as the series #7, #8, and #9 staples, for reliable fastening in industrial settings. Crafted with precision, these 22 gauge staples are engineered for durability, ensuring flawless workpiece assembly.

Achieve greater compatibility and convenience with Rainco fasteners. These tools have excellent versatility, offering various crown sizes and equivalents. Equipped with fine wire staples, Rainco staplers elevate efficiency and precision in your workbench. Experience resilience, precision, and quality by buying Rainco products for all your industrial stapling needs.

Rainco #7, #8, and #9 series fine wire staples, 22 GA. Spotnails and Fasco brand (made in Europe).

  • Rainco 7 Series Staples

    Rainco 7 series staples, 3/8-inch crown 22 gauge. Similar to SENCO C, EMPIRE #7, BeA 71.
  • Rainco 8 series staples

    Rainco #8 series staples, 1/2 inch crown, 20 gauge. . Similar to BEA 80 / 380, Atro 8, JK680, Haubold 800, Rainco 8, Prebena A.
  • Rainco 9 Series Staples

    Rainco #9 series staples, 7/32-inch crown, 22 gauge. Similar to Empire #9, Asco 9.