Salco Rapid R106 Gangster® kits with gang plank

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The Salco R106E Gangster® equipped with the gangplank option is designed for dedicated booklet bindery.  It offers the added speed and convenience of simultaneous multiple head stapling. The compact design of these tools allows the operator to staple as close as 2 1/2" from the center of each staple. An optional stand and adapter kit enable the R106E Gangster® to be used as a portable work station. The Salco R106E Gangster® is an inexpensive alternative to multi-head industrial staplers.
Salco is an Authorized Isaberg-Rapid factory warranty and service center.
The 66 series stapler uses a staple that is made of high-carbon flat wire designed for graphics use, the 210/6-8/9. If your application is stapling paper or paper-like materials (preferably 20 lb copy paper, 50 sheets maximum) then the 66 series stapler will work best for you.  A 220 Volt version of the R106E Gangster® is available.

The 44 series stapler uses a staple, the 24/6-8, made of heavier 24 gauge wire; a staple designed for denser header cards, glossy coated card stock, corrugated cardboard, blister packaging and clamshell packaging. 
As always, we suggest you send in a sample of your specialty application before placing an order so we may recommend the correct stapler for your intended use.
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  • Speeds up production with multiple staples fired at the same time.
  • The stapler's thin design allows the staples to be as close as 2.5 from the center of each staple.
  • Available with the easy to use gangplank option for applications requiring only saddle stapling.
  • Available with a narrow table option for doing flat or saddle stapling applications without the need to change tables and anvils.
  • 11"x17" maximum booklet size for saddle applications
  • Adjustable up to 4" throat depth for flat stapling
  • Adjustable power control
  • Interchangeable 66 series, 44 series and loop stapling heads
  • Bump switch or foot pedal activation
  • Safety shield
  • R106E is equipped with a "C" clamp that allows the stapler to be mounted to any table ranging from a 1/2" to a 2.5" thick .


R106E Gangster® Kit Includes:

  • 2 electric staplers R106E
  • 16" Fiber Optic Cable 
  • 2 Foot Pedals
  • One Gang Plank. The Gang Plank is used for R106 Gangster for saddle (booklet) stapling only.

Optional Accessories:

  • Adjustable stand with Adapter kit for R106 Gangster®;
  • 66 and 44 series and looping interchangeable stapling heads


  • 2 to 50 sheets of 20 lb copy paper
  • Saddle (booklet) stapling

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