3 DIY Projects You Can Use Your Picture Frame Stapler For


3 DIY Projects You Can Use Your Picture Frame Stapler For

Picture frame staplers are essential for framing builds and repairs, especially for DIYers. But with a bit of vision and ingenuity, their capabilities go far beyond just that. In fact, there are lots of cool DIY projects you can use your picture frame stapler for. Take a walk on the creative side and discover the possibilities behind this unlikely yet incredible tool.

Create an Original Artwork Gallery Wall

Picture frame nail guns aren’t just for the lovely people at the framing counter in your local homeware store. They’re also an excellent tool for any DIYer who finds their True North in creating unique décor and adorning their walls with it.

Specifically, if you’ve always wanted to try your hand at crafting a gorgeous gallery wall filled with your favorite art pieces, a solid picture frame stapler can help you get the job done. Perhaps you have an impressive collection of collectible comic book posters.

If so, you could use your stapler to build gorgeous frames to put all of them in. Then, you can hang all your lovely framed posters and create a dynamite focal point for any space. You can do the same thing with original art canvases, photographs, and prints.

Restore Your Favorite Vintage Wood Frames

We can’t discuss DIY projects you can use your picture frame stapler for without mentioning the possibility of restoring your favorite vintage wood frames. The process of fully refurbishing a picture frame involves cleaning, disassembling, gluing, reinforcing, and, well, you get the idea.

However, the process is impossible to complete without a picture frame stapler on your toolbelt. After all, there aren’t many other ways to safely secure the various pieces of your frame. Plus, staple guns are helpful if you need to replace or resecure a frame backing during your restoration.

So once you bring a picture frame stapler into the mix, you can refurbish all your favorite heirloom frames. From there, you can use them to decorate your home and rest easy, knowing that they’ll stay in the family for generations to come.

Handcraft Unique Wall Hangings and Décor

For those who like an eclectic flair, picture frame staplers can help repurpose old frames into unique wall hangings and décor. Suppose you love air plants and want to incorporate them into your room design. In this case, you could take the glass and backing out of your frame of choice, leaving just the wooden borders.

From there, you could build a netted planter to staple over the area of your frame. Once everything’s in place, you just need to secure your makeshift planter to the back of the frame. Then, you can start arranging your air plants in your aesthetically pleasing new wall decoration and enjoy!

The best part about this DIY project is that you can be as creative as possible! Feel free to design your wall hangings however you like and with the materials of your preference. The possibilities for framing projects are endless when you have the right staple gun.