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Prebena is a well-established brand in the world of industrial fasteners, and this company has a strong reputation for manufacturing high-quality staples. Our range of Prebena interchange staples includes various sizes and specifications designed to work seamlessly with multiple staplers and nail guns.

Our Prebena staples are manufactured using high-quality materials and undergo strict quality control measures to ensure their reliability and consistency. This makes them ideal for use in demanding applications where accuracy and consistency are paramount.

We also offer Fasco and Spotnails brands, which are reliable and high-quality options. So why not browse our selection today to find the perfect staples? Choose from various sizes and specifications and enjoy the peace of mind of buying from a trusted supplier like us.

  • Prebena A

    80 series staples 1/2 inch crown, 20 gauge. Interchangeable with BEA 80, Atro 8, JK680, Spotnails 80, Haubold 800, Empire 8, Rainco 8, Prebena A.
  • Prebena AB

    Prebena AB series staples 1/2-inch crown, 23 gauge. Interchangeable with Bea 72, Atro 64, Empire #6, Duo-Fast 30, Haubold 1800.
  • Prebena AD

    50 Series Staples, 1/2-inch crown 20 gauge. Interchangeable with Duo Fast 5000, BeA 95, Haubold 900, JK64, Prebena AD
  • Prebena AK

    Prebena AK type staples, 1/2-inch crown, 20 gauge. Interchangeable with Bostitch SB5019, Senco F, Atro 88, Paslode PW50.
  • Prebena EB

    Prebena EB series staples, 1/4 crown 18 gauge. Interchangeable with Duo Fast 1800, Senco L, Atro 90, BeA 90, Prebena EB, Hitachi N3804, Haubold KL 6000
  • Prebena G

    Prebena G type staples, 3/8-inch Crown 18 Gauge. Similar to Senco M, Duo-Fast W18
  • Prebena GX

    Prebena GX Paslode GS-16 series staples, 1/2-inch crown, 16 ga. Interchangeable with Paslode GS16, Fasco EP6xxM staples.
  • Prebena H

    Prebena H staples 5/16-inch crown, 18 ga. Interchangeable with Bostitch SL5035, BeA 92, Atro 92, Spotnails 92
  • Prebena O

    Prebena O type staples, 3/16-inch crown, 20 Gauge. Interchangeable with Bostitch SB97 Floor Staples, Bea 97, Atro-97, JK690.
  • Prebena PM

    Prebena PM Staples 1/2-inch crown 22 gauge. Interchangeable with to Senco B, Fasco SR3, Omer 62.
  • Prebena S

    Prebena S staples, 1/2-inch crown, 16 gauge. Interchangable with Bostitch 16S4, Spotnails 7600, Atro 16NC.
  • Prebena TF

    Prebena TF series staples, 3/16-inch crown, 20 gauge. Similar to Duo Fast 54, Haubold 2000
  • Prebena V

    Prebena V series staples 3/8-inch crown, 22 gauge. interchangeable with Senco C, Empire #7, BeA 71, Atro 72, Rainco 7, JK-670
  • Prebena VA

    Prebena VA series staples, 3/8-inch crown 22 gauge. Interchangeable with Haubold 1400, Prebena VA.
  • Prebena WC & W

    Prebena WC series staples, 1-inch crown, 16 gauge. Interchangeable with Bostitch 16S2, Bea 140, Atro 16WC
  • Prebena WT

    Prebena WT series heavy duty staples, 1/2-inch Crown 16 GA. Interchangeable with Paslode GSW, Haubold BK
  • Prebena Z

    Prebena Z series staples 7/16-inch crown, 16 gauge. Interchangeable with Duo-Fast 76, Haubold 700, Paslode GSI-16.