Stanley Bostitch Power Crown Staples


Staple Headquarters offers a large selection of Stanley Bostitch power crown staples for many applications. We provide premium crown staples from leading industry brands, which are manufactured in Europe using top-quality materials. Our wide collection features various options to choose from for every need, including Bostitch 7/16 crown staples, crown hammer tackers staples, Bostitch narrow crown stainless steel staples, and more. No matter what you need, you can find it here. We value our customers and strive to provide the best products on the market today. Browse our Stanley Bostitch power crown staples to find the right one for your application. Contact us with any questions; we are happy to help. 

See Also:

  • SCCR25 Staples

    SCCR25 staples 9/16-inch crown. Fit Bostitch foot stitchers
  • SCCR5019 Staples

    SCCR5019 Staples 9/16-inch crown Hammer tacker staples
  • SHCR5019 / H2B

    1/2-inch crown hammer tackers fine wire staples
  • STCR2115 / Bostitch B8

    7/16-inch Crown staples. Fits ALL Stanley-Bostitch B8, B8e staplers
  • STCR2619 / T5 Staples

    7/16-inch Light Duty PowerCrown Staples. Fit Bostitch H30-6, T5-6, P6C-6; most STCR2619 hammer tackers
  • STCR5019 Staples

    7/16-inch Crown Heavy Duty staples. Fit Bostitch PC 1000/3000/4000/5000, H30-8, JB600, P6C-8, T6-8
  • STH2619 Staples

    1/2-inch Crown staples. Fit P6C-6 series Bostitch staplers
  • STH5019 Staples

    7/16-inch Crown staples. Fits Bostitch P6-8, P6-8F, P6-8P, P6C-8P, P6C-8 staplers.