Pneumatic Staple Guns vs. Electric Staple Guns


Pneumatic Staple Guns vs. Electric Staple Guns

Staple guns are common tools for construction, home repair, and crafts. They differ in size, power, and portability. The most common types of staplers used for construction, furniture or cabinet making and repair, flooring or roofing use compressed air or electricity as a power source. There are some important differences between pneumatic staple guns vs. electric staple guns.


Pneumatic staple guns use compressed air to provide the force that drives a staple into wood, concrete, roofing materials, or plastic. They are more powerful than electric staple guns. The compressed air comes from a hose attached to an air compressor, or in some cases, from a canister that attaches to the tool. Either way, using a pneumatic staple gun requires renting or buying the power source to go with it.

Electric staplers plug into outlets and are tethered to their power cord. While purchasing an additional piece of equipment to power the electric staple gun isn’t necessary, the location of an available outlet could be an issue. You might need an extension cord approved for indoor or outdoor use of an appropriate length depending on the task.


Both pneumatic and electric staple guns are portable, but pneumatic staple guns tend to be larger and heavier. Both types tether the tool to its power source, which can create trip hazards due to air hoses or electric cords trailing along floors or throughout the work area. Where an upholstery nail gun should be smaller and more maneuverable, a nail gun used for framing walls or attaching cladding must be powerful enough to drive larger fasteners deeply enough into wood to hold firmly. Awkward angles and repetitive tasks can cause injuries and soreness with either tool.

Cost and Safety

Electric staple guns are typically cheaper than pneumatic tools, but they are also more difficult to repair, which can add to their overall cost. Any type of staple or nail gun can be dangerous if misused, and workers should know what safety precautions are necessary. Ensure the work area is restricted to only those people necessary to do the job. Extra safety precautions are necessary if workers must use these tools above shoulder height, on roofs, or around ladders.

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