Kangaro Staplers From Staple Headquarters


When you need power in a manual stapler, look to Kangaro staplers. Heavy-duty Kangaro bindery staplers are workhorses that can bind documents and booklets that are up to 180 pages. When you need a powerful yet compact manual tacker for upholstery, wood, plastic trim, or canvas, Kangaro offers lighter-duty manual tackers that are easy to manipulate in smaller spaces.

At Staple Headquarters, we supply all your fastening needs, from manual to electric to pneumatic staples, nail guns, and hammer tackers, plus the staples, nails, or brads you need to do the job. From construction to DIY upholstery and framing, we are your source for durable fasteners from well-known, trusted brands. Shop today.

  • Heavy duty office stapler DS-12S for professionals. Uses 23 series high carbon staples up to 11/16.
    $44.90 EA
  • Salco long reach stapler heavy duty. Staples up to 140 sheets. 10.5 throat depth. Uses 23 series high carbon staples. Free Shipping on order.
    $99.00 EA
  • Kangaro HD-23L24FL super heavy duty long reach stapler stapler. For booklet binding applications. Staples up to 180 sheets. Uses 23 series staples.
    $119.00 EA
  • Kangaro HD-23S super heavy duty stapler staples up to 180 sheets of paper. 2-year Salco warranty!
    $53.90 EA
  • A light-duty manual tacker for general DIY applications, canvas, upholstery, wood and plastic trim.
    $13.15 EA
  • A durable all-metal manual tacker for light-duty commercial applications, displays, upholstery, canvas, wood and plastic trim.
    $22.25 EA