How to Use Hog Ring Pliers


How to Use Hog Ring Pliers

Hog ring pliers are extremely versatile tools you can use for many projects. Some of these would be far more difficult to achieve if we didn’t have this handy device. What, exactly, is a hog ring plier, though? Essentially, it’s a tool that looks similar to regular pliers, but it has a magazine attached that holds staples. U-shaped rings are placed inside the magazine, and when you close the handles, it forces the ends of the ring together. This causes the staple to form a full circle that effectively holds an object together. You can use hog ring pliers for the following projects:

  • Upholstery
  • Bagging
  • Fencing
  • Leatherworking
  • Cage making
  • Netting

While it isn’t difficult to use these pliers, they work differently than other types of pliers. It’s important to have a basic knowledge of this, which is why we give a brief rundown of how to use this tool below.

  • Install rings into the magazine with the points directed outward
  • Pull the handles apart and carefully position the open ring over the piece you’ll fasten
  • Squeeze the handles using firm pressure until you feel the ring shift
  • Release the handles and make sure the ring is secure
  • Repeat as needed

It’s important to note that there are several different hog ring plier types, so you’ll want to choose one according to the project you perform the most. Part of the reason you want to do this is because different models hold different staple sizes, and you’ll need to use the ones that will best suit your tasks.

If you work on several different projects and you wish to invest in a tool that can handle several different materials, we have one in our catalogue that will accommodate these needs. Hog ring pliers will make many of your tasks far easier to achieve, and once you try one, you won’t be able to go without.