Hog Ring Pliers vs. Hog Ring Guns: Which Is Best?


Hog Ring Pliers vs. Hog Ring Guns: Which Is Best?

Hog rings are metal ring pieces designed to fasten heavy-duty packaging or products such as furniture or car seats. They’re ideal for their holding strength and are used in various industries. The hog ring plier and gun tools are essential components for installing a hog ring. Continue reading to learn more about these tools and which may be best for you.

Hog Ring Pliers

Hog ring pliers are manual tools that fasten and clamp the hog rings. It requires the handler to apply force to the device by squeezing it together over the ring to close the gap. The power of the pliers is derived from the gripping power of the handler.

Hog ring pliers are ideal for small projects and fastening jobs that don’t require a lot of force. These are projects typically completed around the home, such as crafting, gardening, wire fencing, and other small manageable tasks.

Hog Ring Guns

Hog ring guns, also known as pneumatic hog ring guns, are primarily known for their industrial applications. Hog ring guns are ideal for more extensive and heavy-duty projects due to being more powerful than manual hog ring pliers. You can also use a hog ring gun for upholstery projects since the guns can install ring staples. A picture frame nailer is an excellent example of a pneumatic gun and its application to a more significant project.

Unlike pliers, pneumatic guns are partially powered by compressed air and have increased power. Due to having more power, pneumatic hog ring guns are better for more strenuous and repetitive projects.

Which Is Best?

When it comes to deciding which tool is best, consider what you’ll be using the tools for in your project. Both tools have practical applications and can deliver the results you need depending on the complexity and scope of the project. For example, a pneumatic gun may be best if you’re securing the back of an easel or conducting a large upholstery project. Opt for hog ring pliers if you want to do small work like netting, leatherwork, wire fencing, or small upholstery projects. In the end, hog ring pliers and hog ring guns are both reliable tools when used correctly.