High-Quality Haubold Staples, Fasteners & Tackers


We offer a wide range of Haubold interchange staples. Spotnails and Fasco (made in Europe) brands staples. In stock, ready to ship.

Enhance your craftsmanship with Haubold staples; they’re designed for precision and durability. Whether you're a professional builder or a DIY enthusiast, Haubold 1000 staples are a reliable choice for a variety of tasks. Secure cabinet backs or drawer bottoms effortlessly in your woodworking projects or achieve professional results in framing and sheathing work.

Haubold boasts a vast selection of staples, tackers, and fasteners to ensure your projects are completed on time. The 3/16-inch crown, coupled with a 22-gauge strength, provides the perfect blend for every task—from fastening insulation and house wrap in home construction to securing fabric in upholstery. They're the ideal solution to ensure your project lasts and remains durable.

Choosing Haubold as your preferred staple brand will ensure you complete every project with confidence.

See Also:
Industrial Staples

  • Haubold 1000 Staples

    Haubold 1000 staples 3/16-inch Crown 22 Gauge. Interchangeable with Duo Fast 3400, Fasco ED-34.
  • Haubold 1400 Staples

    Haubold 1400 series staples, 3/8-inch Crown 22 Gauge. Interchangeable with Prebena VA, Fasco EH-14
  • Haubold 1800 Staples

    Haubold 1800 staples 1/2-inch Crown, 22 Gauge. Interchangeable with Atro 64, Empire #6, Duo-Fast 30, BEA 72, Prebena AB.
  • Haubold 2000 Staples

    Haubold 2000 staples, 3/16-inch Crown, 20 Gauge. Interchangeable with Prebena TF, Duo Fast 5400, Spotnails 54
  • Haubold 700

    Haubold 700 staples, 7/16-inch Crown, 16 Gauge. Interchangeable with Duo Fast 76, Paslode GSI16, Prebena Z
  • Haubold 800 Staples

    Haubold 800 staples 1/2 inch Crown, 20 Gauge. Interchangeable with BEA 80/380, Atro 8, JK680, Empire 8, Rainco 8, Prebena A
  • Haubold 900 Staples

    Haubold 900 staples 1/2-inch Crown, 20 Gauge. Interchangeable with Duo Fast 5000, BeA 95, JK64, Prebena AD