Fun Facts About Staplers Everyone Should Know


Fun Facts About Staplers Everyone Should Know

Staplers are a part of our everyday lives. Yet, it’s important to understand why. It may surprise you how much the vast majority does not know about staplers. Luckily, we’re here to help. We list all the fun facts about staplers that everyone should know below. Trust us; it will blow your mind.

Paper: Staplers

Manufacturers created staplers out of necessity. It’s largely a solution to the problem of binding papers. Since the advent of the printing press, collating documents for books or binding large documents has been crucial for many. Before staplers, people used wax, glue, and even ribbon to stick the paper together. These methods were not nearly as reliable or durable as the staple.

King Louis XV: The Advent of Staplers

There were few changes during the Middle Ages and very few discoveries. That all changed with the advent of the printing press. Why is this important in our list about staplers and fasteners? As we alluded to earlier, where there are documents, there are staplers. The first stapler was invented under King Louis XV, who wanted an easier way to bind documents together. According to the stories, King Louis used staplers rather than wax seals from the moment they were invented.

It’s Versatile

There are many kinds of staplers. When we hear “stapler,” we often imagine the traditional office tool. However, did you know you can use staplers for more than binding documents? You can use staplers in many circumstances, including construction and home improvement projects. There are staplers strong enough to pierce wood boards and other hard, thick material.

Types of Staplers

Most staplers are manual, requiring physical force to perform their function. That said, some electric staplers can staple automatically or with a push of a button. Depending on your needs, they can be without batteries, battery-powered, or even plugged into the wall. This is certainly a fun fact about staplers everyone should know about. 

That’s a lot of information about staplers. If you’re interested in picking up one or more from our wide selection, from electric to manual, shop with us at Staple Headquarters! We’re here for any DIY project you decide to take on.