Flooring Staples from Staple Headquarters


Different types of flooring require floor staples of various sizes. Match your flooring staples to the flooring staple gun you’re using. The Fasco and Spotnails lines we carry fit tools that use Bostitch hardwood flooring staples.

Installing a new floor is a big investment in your home or business. Selecting the correct staples to secure your flooring is critical to finishing the project properly. Hardwood requires a different staple than laminate, so browse our collection to find the wire gauge, leg length, and coating (if necessary) you need for the type of floor you’re installing. If you’re not sure which flooring staples are right for your project, just give us a call at Staple Headquarters. We’ll help you determine which staples are the right ones for your tools and your project.

We offer 15 (15 1/2), 16, 18, and 20 gauge flooring staples made by Fasco (Europe) and Spotnails (Korea). They are interchangeable with Bostitch flooring staples.